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I offer the following services to my clients. 


Please note: Most of my clients are private clients. I also offer my services to corporate clients. I treat people over 18 years or teenagers from age 16 (with parent’s written consent).

Consultation Call

30 minutes

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Online Therapy Sessions

Using RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). This is on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or MS Teams. Many of my clients are based abroad so this option works really well and it’s well proven and tested.

In-person RTT Therapy Sessions

 Please ask for details, this can be at your home or in a rented therapy room. Some clients prefer a in-person session. Prices for these are slightly higher because of greater logistic requirements.

Personal Coaching

Following at least one RTT session

- online or in person.

- individual packages available (please ask).


Following at least one RTT session

- online or in person, can be at the client’s premises/offices.

Different Packages

Individual package, two or three RTT sessions, RTT with Coaching – please see price menu

Typical issues I help with (list not exhaustive):

Anxiety • Depression • Trauma • Abuse • Weight Issues • Relationships • Confidence • Imposter Syndrome • Addictions • Career Issues/Work Issues • Health issues that cannot be explained medically (e. g. migraine, skin conditions, IBS, unexplained back pain etc.)

For more details or if your specific issue is not listed above, please ask me.

Issues Treated
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